Online Abstract Submission

All individuals are invited to submit abstracts for the MAOA 2022 Annual Meeting.
The deadline for abstract submission is Thursday, July 1, 2021 


2022 MAOA Annual Meeting will be held April 6 - 10, 2022 at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, TX

You will need the following items available prior to completing the abstract submission. INCOMPLETE submissions will NOT be saved by the system. 

  1. BLINDED document (abstract title and abstract text only).  NO CO-AUTHOR OR INSTITUTION INFORMATION SHOULD BE INCLUDED ON THIS DOCUMENT (400 words or less; tables and figure captions count toward the 400 maximum word count).
  2. Co-author information and email addresses for senior co-authors


  • Limit of 6 abstracts submitted per individual: You are only allowed 1 podium presentation and up to 3 poster presentations; please consider this when submitting abstracts. If more than one of your abstracts is accepted for podium presentation, you will need to name a co-author to present the additional talk(s).
  • All speakers are required to pay the meeting registration fee and are responsible for their expenses in attending the annual meeting. Please discuss this with your program chair before submitting your abstracts.
  • Large database studies are becoming increasingly popular submissions. We request that you submit these types of studies only if the work addresses identifying/modifying risk factors or variables which can impact clinical practice.
  • RESIDENTS AND MEDICAL STUDENTS: The MAOA Board of Directors requests that the staff consultant who co-authors your paper be present at the annual meeting to respond to any questions that arise during discussion. Please notify your staff consultant of this prior to submission of your abstracts.
  • PHYSICIAN IN TRAINING AWARDS: Four prizes of $1,000 each will be awarded to four fellows, residents, or medical students who are judged to have the top-rated paper on the program. The recipient must be the first author on the paper, and the investigation and manuscript completion must occur at a medical facility within the MAOA 20-state area. Papers are rated on content, timeliness, the hypothesis, material and methods, and results.  The two top Award Winners will have an opportunity to present their papers at the AAOS 2023 Annual Meeting. 
    MAOA will contact those eligible to submit a manuscript for consideration of one of these awards.
  • Additional abstract submission information available here