Medical school is such an important experience in shaping one’s future as a physician. The medical student might not have the resources they need regarding future career choice…until now.

The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society and the Perry Initiative support and foster diversity and mentoring in Orthopedic Surgery. They are excited to announce a joint collaboration on the “Medical Student Guide for Orthopaedic Surgery” edited by Lisa K. Cannada.

I am so grateful to the RJOS and the Perry Initiative for this opportunity. It could not have happened without Marlene DeMaio, Dawn Laporte, Laurie Meszaros Dearolf, and Kerri Mink. There are so many more to thank. To the authors-your contribution is greatly appreciated. Your wisdom and advice will help future orthopedic surgeons.

Get your copy now (It has 35 chapters!):



What Leaders Say

“I would consider The Medical Student Guide to Orthopaedic Surgery as a “go to“ and “must have” for every medical student as they navigate their path to a career in orthopedic surgery. The authors are well-versed. The chapters are practical. I would highly recommend this book.”
Ann Van Heest MD 
Program Director, University of Minnesota

“Specifically for Orthopedics, it can be intimidating for a medical student who has little to no exposure to the field. This book is the first of its kind to provide expert advice about the process, approach, and outcomes for those interested in Orthopedic Surgery.”
Rajiv Rajani, MD
Program Director, UT Health San Antonio

“This book takes its reader from beginning to end in orthopedics. It will guide you into the field, and it will advise you when you arrive.  It will offer insights into ways to excel within the field, and it will affirm that there are many pathways to success in orthopedics. Using this guide, readers will negotiate through the tough choices of the orthopedic experiences with ease. This book is the insider's guide to life in orthopedic surgery."

 "It brings together the perspective of the novice and the wisdom of the orthopedic leadership.  It is a tremendous guide for those who are curious about orthopedics."
Jim McFadden, MD
Program Director, University of Central Florida

"As Orthopedic Surgery is only peripherally covered by medical school curricula, learning about, matching into, and preparing for a life in the field can be daunting. Information and strategies to successfully begin a career in Orthopedics are often based on personal experience alone. This text is developed by and edited by seasoned educators. Their insights about common applicant questions, concerns, and barriers can be critical to making the right decision about your own interest in orthopedics, investigating ways to make this field "yours", and ultimately getting off on the right foot in one of the most challenging and rewarding fields of medicine."  
Mitchell S. Fourman MD, M.Phil
Past Chair AAOS Resident Assembly